The dressage battle game field in China

by:Desing      2020-03-26
Autumn in the north, guangzhou is the most beautiful season in a year, in the first snow fell in the south, guangzhou still blue sky white clouds, the climate is annoying. In dressage battle game China riders in the world, is in the most beautiful season, started a new journey. Riders don't play as long as the opponent, more minor themselves is to accept a challenge. Equestrian events is different from other projects, and another rider to have thoughts, think of living creatures, to reconcile their differences and common finish every move, so the rider to battle rival is himself. This is the first time that China held the world play dressage, China request primary, junior and the initial level of qualifications of st. George's competition, from xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, guangdong delegation participated in the battle. A week before the game, by the aid world battle horse auction enterprise headquarters, sent to the German coach was Mr Lu, for the team before the show, and hold the position of assistant manager of training and translation is the guangdong team coach Bai Jie yong lady, she naturally became one of the busiest people. White coach teaching and has a very rich practical experience, is outgoing, she is the international horse hinder project formally and dressage fence after the referee, perhaps is professional habit, her understanding of the measures and look very sharp, and memory is quite good, a contest, she can speak clearly every rider on a measure error and the best performance, competition organization moves in the fence where there is a flaw, etc. Just have me to participate in the organization of the event, she always pull a loud voice to my advice. She is a smart, has a characteristic of woman, I gave her a moniker 'eagle', in the race, what problem is I go to find her modesty for advice. Rider in every training session, I prepare activity first, then see 20 minutes per person generally small classes, afternoon watching video technology, technical measures and processing training session on the attack. Play riders are authorized by the coach of the competition, does not have entry level of the rider and the horse you can't play, riders has fundamental expression to normal level in the competition. As the competition law enforcement is a Dutch international referee Lou da ladies and Mr Fred from Belgium, two referees is also a veteran riders, they to the guangdong team of two horses from the Netherlands, the Netherlands, the Netherlands 2 number one in the thick of tumblers, maybe is home to meet an old friend. After the game the next day's training game, which is different from other race in the middle of the, taught by two referees, each rider training time 30 minutes, in the training session last time to explain the rider in the competition of low reason, move where there's a mistake, how to deal with, the rider on the training game have different level of progress. In the official competition, big local horses are not on the bit, through teaching, riders on training game is fundamentally make the horse under follow the shape of the completed the steps required. German coach and two referees rider also announced himself to China, they said, before coming to China riders didn't have any concept, the degree of trained race, found that Chinese rider is very smart, about technical measures to fast, under very has the potential, and surrounding environment of equestrian center also praised, base has special requirements for people around the landscape, said he'd brought home, want to let more people understand China, understand China rider, and I wish the Chinese rider in the international arena to obtain good results.
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