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by:Desing      2020-05-04
Before the main introduces the use of white carbon black in rubber floor production, the carbon black effect on the properties of vulcanizates do today an introduction. The properties of carbon black has a decisive influence on the performance of the vulcanizates, because of the carbon black filling tried) to make those non self reinforcing rubber has the use value. Will, in general, the diameters of the carbon black rubber tensile strength, tear strength and abrasion resistance of the role is the main, and with the structure of carbon black is the main, the function of rubber modulus carbon black surface activity has an effect on various performance. Carbon black particle size of vulcanizates of tensile strength, tear strength, abrasion resistance has a decisive role. Small particle size, tear strength, stretch stress and hardness are increased, and the elasticity and elongation, compression permanent deformation change is very small. This is because the small particle size, large specific surface area, large boundary area between the rubber with carbon black, produced by the interaction between the two in combination with glue. Study the use of carbon black, is an important link in the production of rubber flooring. Especially white carbon black on the tensile strength, hardness, for rubber floor had a greater influence on the performance. Company produces series of floating-point type rubber floor, widely used in material strength, smell to demand higher public places. Especially in the modern shipbuilding, flame retardant rubber floor is becoming more and more widely used, whether it's on the inside protection, or for the protection of the deck surface plays a very important role.
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