The export volume of raw sheep increases, Harbin sheep grid returns to the 10 yuan district

by:Desing      2021-03-30
News from China Sheep Network:

   The reporter learned from the Harbin Price Supervision and Administration Bureau on the 13th that as of May 13, the average price of mutton at the Harbin Farmer’s Market had risen to 10.03 yuan per catty. The price of mutton has been in the 9 yuan district for more than two months before returning to the 10 yuan district again.

   Since the beginning of the year, due to factors such as oversupply and weak demand in the raw sheep market, the price of mutton has continued to fall. On March 10, the price of mutton fell to 9.91 yuan per catty, the first time it fell below 10 yuan since May 2013. In the first week of May, the price of raw sheep remained weak, and the price basically hovered around 9.25 yuan. On May 8, the price of mutton showed signs of increase. As of May 13, the price of mutton was 10.03 yuan per catty, an increase compared with last week. 8.55%, an increase of 5.8% compared with the previous month, and an increase of 2.69% compared with the same period last year.

   The increase in the price of mutton was mainly because the state launched the second frozen mutton procurement and storage plan on May 8, which led to an increase in the number of merchants buying raw sheep in Laiha in some southern provinces and the increase in the export volume of raw sheep. The price of live sheep in Harbin began to rise. It is understood that after the country’s second purchase and storage plan was launched, the price of live sheep in Harbin rose from 5.30 yuan per catty to 6.10 yuan, a sharp rise of 0.80 yuan per catty, an increase of 15%, and the current price rose to 6.20 yuan.
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