The first international standard riding lesson?

by:Desing      2020-04-01
Can you after watching the equestrian World Cup competition big magic? Or your partner is a love mad, and you can want to be in clear expansion, flexible, and it had to rush to discontinue hard before? Or do you just love horses, prepare to complete a plan on the wish list? Whatever the reason, you will open a wonderful experience! If you've ever booked first equestrian course, is in nervous wait, so the above is the ability to attack and you can do to prepare. Dress in the first place, wearing soft pants. Many men, in particular, choose wearing jeans horseback riding, that would be wrong. The seams of the jeans rub your legs, you can't free activities. Instead, you should choose the equestrian equipment in sweatpants or sport suit pants. Trousers the lubricating the better, but if you don't feel comfortable, wear leg, is a good choice. Don't wear short sleeve blouse, no matter how much it is up to date. Short sleeve blouse, yes, but wear it ride is a bad habit. Wear short-sleeved equestrian barriers not only easy to sunburn, once you are not careful fall from a horse, cuts and bruises to sex also increases. Your horse farm equipment shoes is also very important. If you can walk a horse machine, wear a pair of heels in two centimeters of shoes. A lot of equestrian everyday men's or women's short boots fit this requirement. If you do not have the boots, then wear a pair of shoes is not equestrian equipment completely flat shoes. This is walk a horse machine in order to avoid your feet slip out from the stirrup. To meet your horse fun now beginning. Your horse farm equipment manager will meet you in the stable yard, and then help you to find a suitable hat. Then the coach will be introduced to you and your horse, you will fundamentally to the great fear of plants. But don't worry, in fact it's very docile. These horses are specially selected for a beginner, can't make unexpected move. You are able to separate class, your coach will put all attention on you, to make sure you learn the right skills, and feel very comfortable. If you feel a little nervous, it doesn't matter, this is normal. When you stand in situ, the coach will teach you some fundamental knowledge, for example, how to hold the REINS. To the horse back, you will practice instruction, let it walk, turn, and soft and stop quickly. You will learn how to use your legs and hands to lead your horse to slow. Your first step if you master these, you can try to quickly! This can be in first class, can also be more later. Quick speed, although not very fast, but you can feel the turbulence, so if you are the first attempt, you can try to follow a brisk moves up and down. This is normal, especially about adults, even a lot of excellent rider when beginning to meet. When you found the right tempo step by step and balanced, will feel a lot better. As the old saying goes,. Once you can confidently manage trot faster, then to study the running time. Need how long time talents start running, this depends on your situation in detail, you will usually start learning running within about two months. Just start when you feel like running speed quickly, you can bounce up and down due to the tension. When are you going to try to hang on to your hips, try to sit tight in the saddle. Once you learn to follow the beat of horses movement, running is very comfortable. Learn to control different equestrian school teaching method is different, when just beginning the course, to be able to use emphasis has been placed on the line to control the horse a circle line movement. Coach will in mahler tied a string, so before you really learn to control the horse alone, you can focus on the body balanced. Some riding schools will continue to use this way, until you can control the balance, ease into master three kinds of pace; Some riding school in your only contact with emphasis has been placed on the rope in trot or canter, wait for you on how to control a horse has a fundamental thought, will remove the emphasis has been placed on the rope. In conclusion, remember to grasp! Believe your horses and your coach, if you feel progress too quickly may feel nervous, maybe you feel boring want into the order as soon as possible, to notify your instructor. They are good at to rate your extent of technology can be with you, so will be happy to, when necessary, according to your situation to adjust course.
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