The horse hoof, several problems that should be paid attention to

by:Desing      2020-03-26
Cut the hoof 1. Hoof and the direction of system can be divided and the direction of system ( The toe bone shaft) The hoof correctly or not, is to determine and the cut after the hoof hoof shape can conform to the specifications in the ZhiShi. Thus, cut the hoof hoof and the direction of system requirement when differences. Concluded that the specification is: from limb before, by the system before the above direction hoof set a vertical line, the department of internal and external uniform, vertical equestrian equipment on the hoof, pointed, side looked, department of equestrian equipment tilt direction and tilt direction of the hoof in a straight line. If the hoof and system direction forward, shoe heel Ma Shuchang households cut cut lack on the high side, hoof and system direction tilt back Ma Shuchang door is low heel or hoof pointed wall is too long; Hoof extraversion and department horse farm equipment direction, clarify the hoof high low inside, outside of the shoe and tumbling in the shoe department direction the inside of the lower lateral high. This vision will equestrian equipment form the lower side of the weight bias in the hoof, destroy hoof balance weight, time will be the racecourse equipment induced deformation hoof or limb hoof disease. Therefore, cutting a hoof hoof and should try to do when is the direction of the differences, not differences to give timely repair or correction. 2. Around two shoe size, length can instead about normal shoe size should be on the contrary, the length of the shoe should be divided. Shoe size is usually on the hoof is equipped with a number of shoe, for example, with 1 hoof iron hoof is the no. 1 and so on. Horse hoof hoof tip 1 wall is about 76 mm, the length of the each big 1, hoof pointed wall add 2 mm length. But in theory could not by measuring hooves, countless when cutting shoe in order to do the heart, often with finger base of measuring the length of the foot pointed wall. Ordinary shoes pointed the length of the wall is about 78 - 80 mm, slightly small about 72 - feet About 84-76 mm large feet 88mm3. Hoof pointed wall and the length of the heel wall proportion and hoof Angle can appropriate horse normal form, hoof pointed wall and heel ratio of the length of the wall, before about two feet. After the 5-1, hoof approximately 2:1; Hoof wall and the Angle of the air, front feet to 50 - After 55 degrees, hoof is 55 - 60 degrees. 4. Hoof negative whether level off, the bottom, hoof fork and cut cut cutting can appropriate hoof negative must level off, and with the shoe can connect closely, not living space, shoe bottom should be cut out of a certain degree of dome; Hoof fork to cut out the inherent shape, its height should be slightly higher than the hoof negative; Shoe must be cut out of the cross-section, with hoof fork is high, the hoof branch and fork at bridging areas thoroughly cut open after, to promote the opening and closing of hoof function, prevent seizures hoof heel narrow etc. And replacement shoe 1. Choose the size of the shoe shoe size must be in accordance with the size of a horse shoe matching, namely the shoe must fit the horse shoe. Iron shoe too easy to fall, or the exception, the nail is too small easy to attack. If the shoe section and timeliness, horseshoe incomplete intensity should be appropriate dressing shoes, must not 'cut' compromise with horse shoe shoe, otherwise you will incur hoof deformation, etc. Normal horse shoe mount after the shoe, on the hoof, pointed and lateral, hoof iron outer edge and the outer wall and size differences, or slightly larger than the hoof wall edge ( Don't go beyond 1 mm) , the shoe heel shoe back edge should be gradually more than hoof wall outside, about 1 to leave 3 mm left margin, iron tail than shoe heel of the shoe horn grow about 3 - 5 mm left tail. 2. And replacement of the shoe shoe after finishing the following ( Pick up the hoof side) To level off, the outer edge to level off, and adhere to the nail groove and hole in good condition, after shoe mount, avoid to set aside the triangle left tail, especially the inside of the iron, in case of attack/DCS etc. Under 1. Down the number of ordinary horse's hoof nail under each side of three, each hoof 6 nail, larger hoof four nails under each side can, don't put all nail nails. Down too much and not only the strong can't insist on shoe, it will destroy the hoof wall, attack falls or iron hoof disease. First party's hoof nail load is bigger, should pay attention to binding. 2. Hoof nail nail depth to the outer edge white line nails into, in the foot wall length under a third and a third of the border line of the nail, every nail distance interval should be equal to, prevent apart two nails are too close. If the nail is deep is used as a nail, the nail is too easy attack fell iron hoof or crack. 3. Nail section length refers to the hoof nail out of the wall, use pliers cut nail body and end up bent partial length. The length of the general requirements section nail should be contrary to the width of the nail body or slightly less than the width of the nail body, the approximate square. Avoid nail is too long or too short, and curved indeed, close to the on the hoof wall, especially the inside of the shoe, in case provoked limb hoof internal injuries. Described above is normal horse hoof and the most basic requirement, ensure the quality of outfit hoof avert or increase due to the improper ZhiShi is not with the horse hoof form the bad influence of the key. But in theory because each horse ZhiShi and horse shoe, filling my shoe, need to take different according to the characteristics of hoof way.
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