The important role of milking machine accessories pulsator

by:Desing      2020-04-08
- - - - - - 0 - 0 milking machine accessories pulsator important role at the moment, milking machine plays an important role on the farm, it reduce the labor intensity of the milking work in large level, can the progress of the milking efficiency effectively. Milking machine, of course, these achievements cannot leave the milking machine accessories. Let's come to understand the milking machine accessories pulsator play an important role. With the development of The Times, so many varieties of milking equipment, milk is more of a small move equipment. This equipment covers an area of small, by the vacuum pump milk, milk cup group, set machine, tube parts, such as they can compact settled on a trolley, can be sensitive to move, very bento is applied, is suitable for small and medium-sized farms and individual farmers. It is the application of vacuum pump suction to draw out the milk collection in set milk machine, and can continue to learn from milk, milk until to squeeze clean. In addition to the vacuum pump is an important part of a milking machine, milking machine accessories pulsator effect is also very important, its purpose is to promote the progress of the quality of milk. Assuming no pulse, when milking machines will be absorbing the milk without rest, this will make the cow nipple internal blood and influence on the formation of a cow's body health. Also after a long time makes the nipple area accumulation of lymph, sometimes bleeding, this to the quality of the milk will be discounted. Pulsator this installation makes the air pressure inside the vacuum milking was set at a certain frequency changes, such as blinking eyes make cows can rest, can reduce the accumulation of lymph, milk quality progress.
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