The influence factors of milking machine filtering effect

by:Desing      2020-04-06
- - - - - - 0 - 0 milking machine the factors affecting the filtering effect of milking machine milking machine is made up of milking machine and vacuum unit in two parts, that is about the factors that affect filtering effect milking machine is introduced. Using vacuum suction function, simulation of calf ( Sheep) Pumping action, the cattle, Sheep) Milk sucked out. If to milk is not very good, it is associated with the filter of the machine. Here is to introduce the factors that affect filtering effect milking machine hardness of milking machine filters in the filter when wet, some filtering experiment method should be considered for a long time use wet filter paper after water is tough. Applicability of some of the milking machine filter is the method of making the use of special and complete for example in test of medicine is used to measure the nitrogen content in the blood, must use nitrogen free filter paper, etc. Filtration efficiency of parts on the filter paper filter of ooze water density level and size of holes, affects its filtering efficiency. High efficiency filter paper filter speed is quick, and the resolution is high. Accessories store when filtering capacity of solid particles or clog pores on the filter paper, so the water penetration holes more intensive, has said, greater capacity allows the more filter (filter. Everyone in the later operation, if you use the equipment in filtering effect is poor, can according to the above method for inspection.
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