The influence factors of the cow milking machine work

by:Desing      2020-04-07
- - - - - - 0 - 0 the influence factors of the cow milking machine work with from time to time to carry out the science and technology, the cow milking machine process was perfected step by step, improvement, application scope, gradually replaced the artificial milk, more convenient and quick, the frugal resources, and advances the efficiency of milking. But if don't pay attention to use in land will also make its work performance. As the performance of the cow milking machine elements mainly include vacuum degree, pulse frequency and the beat than. Vacuum is the effect of the main pulse frequency when vacuum attack changes, can make the milking rate, milking time, pulse frequency and the beat than attack changes. High vacuum through, will increase residual amount of milk in the breast, nipple hyperemia, provoked a breast diseases; Vacuum through the low, makes the milking speed slow, make up the milk cup is shattered. When the shaking will form for air flow, then the virus into the breast. Milk, therefore, request the vacuum degree of stability within the scope of the ~ kpa, shake is higher. ~ kpa. Pulse frequency is refers to the milk cup milking times per minute. Pulse frequency fast, can make a breast sphincter, milk from the nipple, the rapid and milking time. But in the milk cup to stop the massage rhythm, there will be a small amount of milk from the nipple back into the room, so as to bring provoked into breast disease germs. Therefore, pulsation frequency shoulds not be too fast or too slow, and should follow, with different number of cows the pulsation of the heart with 0 ~ 0 times per minute advisable. Use milking the cow milking machine can not only advances the purity of your quality, but also some progress about the milking. So use must be in accordance with the correct way to use in the operation, prevent the influence factors on the performance of.
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