The installation of the milking machine project in Qaba ecological pasture in Tibet

by:Desing      2020-02-28
The documentary of the installation of the milking machine project in Qaba ecological pasture in Tibet, the Qaba ecological pasture located on the 'roof of the world' in the Tibetan Plateau, is a high-standard dairy cow center in Chengguan district of Lhasa city after the successful construction of Jingpeng Huanyu animal husbandry, the second modern plateau ranch built in Chengguan district of Lhasa city is 3776 above sea level and is also the highest dairy farm in the world. The pasture is a large-scale dairy farm with a scale of 2000 heads. It is planned and designed by Jingpeng and provides facilities and equipment such as pasture milking hall, feeding system, manure resource utilization and turnkey projects, is expected to 2018 completed and put into production. A few days ago, the milking machine of the ranch was being installed in full swing. The Pakistani ecological pasture uses a 50-bit heavy-duty rotary milking machine provided by Jingpeng. The milking machine is centered on milking efficiency, with complete functions, high quality and high cost performance, which has won high recognition from customers. Advanced milking equipment affects the milking efficiency, the safety of cows and the quality of milk, and affects the management of cattle. It is one of the important symbols of modern dairy farms. In the construction of dairy farms, Jingpeng has rich experience in plateau construction. On 2015, the first dairy farm in Chengguan district of Lhasa-- The high-standard dairy breeding center was successfully built by Jingpeng. After the completion of the project, Vice Premier Wang Yang of the State Council once visited the site and gave full recognition and high evaluation to the project construction. Soon after, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the listing ceremony of 'national standardized dairy breeding demonstration farm' in the dairy breeding center, marking that the dairy breeding center has become the first national standardized dairy farm in Tibet. In the high-standard dairy breeding center constructed by Jingpeng, the listing ceremony of 'national standardized demonstration field of dairy breeding' for the free growth of cattle was held in the high-standard dairy breeding center, high-quality facilities and modern feeding methods ensure high-end milk quality. The quality of the milk produced by the high-standard modern cow breeding center in Chengguan District, which has been put into operation, is superior to the world's strictest EU standard, establishing the world's high standard of Tibetan milk and is praised as 'world's good milk '. Now, many citizens in Lhasa city have already drunk the fresh milk produced by the cow center. Its taste is mellow and the milk quality is good. It is loved by local citizens and there is a scene that demand exceeds supply. GABA ecological pasture is another modern pasture built after Jingpeng animal husbandry successfully built a high-standard cow center. It is a pure land health project in Tibet and a major Huimin project. It has undertaken the Tibetan people's pursuit of modern animal husbandry, and has also undertaken the Tibetan people's good expectations for producing high-quality and good milk. In the harsh environment of the roof of the world, 'taking three steps to breathe for a long time, one day through four seasons', the builders of Jingpeng overcame many difficulties such as low temperature, cold and oxygen deficiency, etc, build one modern pasture after another in the snowy plateau, bring Jingpeng's concept and advanced equipment to the plateau, bring fresh milk to the Tibetan people and bring a better life.
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