The limit pressure of milking machine accessories

by:Desing      2020-04-03
Work in milking machine accessories, has certain limit pressure was released, which is originated from the influence of the vacuum pump, then the ultimate pressure is can be divided into two various, what two? Come let us know: 1, the limit of the absolute pressure. Absolute pressure is measured milking machine accessories & other than internal pressure; Theory of vacuum & throughout; How much high pressure. The objects it is vacuum pressure to theory of the state of the absolute value. Due to the limitation of technology, no matter what, we can't to do the milking machine accessories on the internal pressure to absolute vacuum 0 pa this number, so when expressed in absolute vacuum, numerical no minus sign in front of. 2, limit the relative pressure. Relative pressure is measured milking machine accessories & other than internal pressure; Atmospheric pressure & throughout; How much lower the pressure. Said the value of the actual numerical system pressure below the atmospheric pressure, the pressure inside the container was always lower than the external pressure. So when the milking machine parts with relative pressure or pressure table, numerical must take minus sign in front of the said milking machine accessories the internal pressure is lower than external pressure. Mastered the knowledge limit pressure of milking machine accessories, not only can make us very good operation, it also helps to better understand the milking machine accessories, making it bring us more economic benefits.
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