The market demand is sluggish and the price of sheep is fluctuating forward

by:Desing      2021-03-30
News from China Sheep Network:

   According to the monitoring of the business agency, the price of domestic sheep is currently fluctuating. On June 12, the mainstream purchase price of Sanyuan sheep in some regions: 12.6-12.9 yuan/kg in Harbin, Heilongjiang, 12.6-13.0 yuan/kg in Tieling, Liaoning, 12.6-13.0 yuan/kg in Zhengzhou, Henan, and 12.4--13.0 yuan/kg in Jinzhong, Shanxi. 12.7 yuan/kg, and 13.2-13.6 yuan/kg in Yangjiang, Guangzhou.

   The price of raw sheep fell after the holiday, and farmers were reluctant to sell. The slaughterhouses had sufficient inventory to purchase at low prices. The market for raw sheep was generally purchased and sold. The game between farmers and slaughterhouses reappeared. At present, the meat market as a whole has entered the off-season of consumption, the terminal demand for mutton is sluggish, the prices of ewes and young goats continue to fall, and the enthusiasm of farmers to make up stocks has declined. Li Wenxu, an analyst of Sheep Products at the Business Club, believes that there are still many big sheep in the hands of farmers waiting to be slaughtered. Affected by the sluggish terminal demand for shepherds, the price of shepherd will rise and the overall price will fluctuate.
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