The material of insulation board, ok?

by:Desing      2020-04-03
The application of insulating rubber kraal mat industry, also led to the development of many insulating rubber kraal pad manufacturer! The insulation rubber kraal mat brand on the market whether big or small brands are very much, there are also some factories don't attention to the quality of the insulation rubber kraal pad, appeared on the market a lot of inferior insulation rubber kraal mat! How to identify the insulation rubber kraal mat and inferior for consumers is very important! We must first from the appearance of the insulating rubber kraal pad, actually it is not only the rubber kraal mat when we select other items, so will, from the perspective of the exterior shape, to take a look at the spot, especially the depth is in accordance with the standards, whether the number of bubbles that it has a lot of, because for these its process has strict rules, for every square metre of bubbles have boundaries, and the distance between each bubble in 30 cm, then we will see the insulation rubber kraal mat malevolence of the distribution of impurities, no matter how to no more than one 6 of its thickness, of course, we also want to see if the edge of the rubber kraal pad has the gaping hole, is there a bad sort of damage. In addition to insulating rubber stall the hardness of the cushion objective evaluation, at this point we should focus on to identify its tensile condition, must comply with the provisions of the state, and also cannot ignore the status of the stretching rate, at the same time water imbibition and other aspects of stall for rubber mat is within the specified parameters. In addition, consumers want to see how the insulation test indicators, we're going to see in this test the withstand voltage and breakdown voltage test, to see if it conforms to the standard, these are insulated rubber kraal cushion some of the common sense, for us to buy a good product is very helpful, but only buy good product can actually solve our needs.
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