The milking parlour design experience

by:Desing      2020-04-08
- - - - - - 0 - 0 milking parlour design experience is milking parlour dairy farming is very important but often easy to ignore the central, its design whether reasonable, the stand or fall of environmental health, etc will affect the cow milk production quality, thus affect the users' economic benefits. Therefore, in the design of the hall at must abide by the relevant criterion request. Next we from three aspects to share their design experience. Milking parlour milking time, typical design milking time every day, every time milk milking time hours every time, every time milking time hours to specification as milk hall design capacity including the milking and equipment operation and maintenance, cleaning, disinfection, milk cooling time. In the milking cattle asked within the framework of certain size to a large extent to shorten the time of the cow feed and water separately. , to be crowded area is an important local milk hall. To be crowded area should be thinking about fan spray cooling measures such as to reduce heat stress of dairy cow in the region. To be crowded area capacity design based on each cow. m( - - - - - - Group of cows needs the minimum space) 。 If stay crowded area is flush design, should design area is increased by 0%, so that the cattle door to move forward to the first group of cows when close to completing the second group of dairy cows are allowed to be crowded area; To be crowded area also needs a certain slope design, so that cow waste natural emissions; To squeeze the milk cows into the convergent to channel design is in order, try to fit the cow body size. , the hall the width of a column depends on the cow a number on one side of the milking parlour, if under a number in the header, the narrow road net width 0. M can if above the head, then return to the narrow sense to the net width should be. - - - - - - 。 M as well. The cows on the way to secrete milk cow shed hall to have separate channels and eradicate and avoid mixed use with the passage into the hall. The barn to milk the channel width of hall should certainly according to herd size. Usually, each secrete dairy group to zero under the condition of channel width should be designed. m; The cows in 0 0 head, channel width increases to m; - - - - - - 00 head for m. A good design environment can affect the well-being of many aspects, such as cows, milking parlour design must not ignore the link. Method it is also worth attention to, must want to reduce the stress in the process of cow milk in, so milk room system design and construction should consider separate cows feed and water time reduced to a certain level as much as possible.
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