The oil point of milking machine

by:Desing      2020-03-22
As more and more consumers drink milk products, and its production line security has been a lot of, milk in a specific process, skilled operators of milking machine before use will pay attention to the details of these oils. 1, the use should check before milking machine accessories internal oil, oil amount to 2/5 of the diameter of the advisable; 2, check the wiring correctly. Milking machine parts in the factory for oil free state. Smooth work 300 hours after a change in oil for the first time after oil change every 5000 hours and stop the maintenance care; 3, milking machine accessories startup must no-load startup. Regularly check the oil level, according to sealing condition adjustment or change oil seal oil seal spring. In electric circuit device matching overload, open phase running maintenance such as installation, prevent because of circuit burn out motor, formation damage. Milking machine as an important equipment of milk production line, the oil is one of the big key. Milking machine accessories how much oil should be decided according to the specific situation, our company will introduce the professional knowledge, also please continue to pay attention.
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