The organic development of milking machine accessories

by:Desing      2020-04-04
At present, the organic livestock products sales are growing by leaps and bounds in the world. Milking machine accessories price is 37% higher than milk prices, so the use of small milking machine accessories, would bring to animal husbandry organic development: 1, milking machine parts are designed for small and medium-sized zap. Dairy cows can most effectively monitoring, the distinction between each head of cattle. You don't need a big changes to the original barn to under the premise of can realize mechanized milking, and easy to expand the scale of zap or update the original milking system. 2, milking machine parts are equipped with advanced composite emulsion system, the system adopts streamline modelling, eliminates the traditional clean corner of the receiver can ensure milk hygiene. Prior to the milking machine accessories factory installation and debugging, quality stable and reliable equipment. Because of the dairy industry development space is larger, the demand for milking machine accessories will continue to expand, and so on the whole, the development of milking machine accessories organic, achieve the purpose of the regulations, is a qualitative leap in the future.
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