The pavement in the Marine rubber ground material is introduced

by:Desing      2020-04-12
In recent years, the fast development of ocean shipping industry in China, more and more users in practical application in the development of rubber floor covering materials and the use of some special application places have good prospects. Rubber kraal pad small make up today mainly to introduce to us the Marine rubber ground material shop! Marine deck mat is mainly used in surface environment is bad deck, acid and alkali corrosion, weathering have higher adaptability. Relative to other products, besides has the very good prevent slippery effect, the service life and aesthetic way than other shop have greatly improved. Because the product has 3 mm height small bumps on the back, enables the rubber mat to a certain distance with the ground, have very good drainage effect. With other products, especially in the rubber sheet products, no advantage in terms of fixed. Here is suggested many shipowners, not simple is beautiful and the prices, suitable for your product is the most important; In the cabin internal surface protection, the best is, of course, Marine rubber flooring products. This kind of product has a good formula, greatly reduces the rubber smell, and at the same time on the antistatic, wear-resisting, flame retardant performance is other products don't have. This year to a growing number of military industry, also use this kind of floor protection more cabin internal transformation. Rubber kraal mat
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