The performance of the rubber kraal pad

by:Desing      2020-04-15
Natural rubber kraal mat is one of the rubber kraal mat, it made the extracted from natural plants, which belong to natural polymer compounds, so it is called the natural rubber kraal pad. Natural rubber has been widely used in the market, has become the most widely used general-purpose rubber. Natural rubber performance under different features have their own advantages, mainly divided into the following four categories. The chemical properties of natural rubber, natural rubber chemical ability strong, in the face of light, heat, ozone, materials such as metals, easy ageing. But added natural rubber aging proof, life is very long. In the sunshine insolate 2 months still don't see any changes. Keep in warehouse for 3 years still can be normal use. The physical properties of natural rubber, natural rubber has a lot of the insulation, at room temperature with high elasticity, not easy to deformation. Medium resistance properties of natural rubber, natural rubber has very good alkali resistance performance, but not resistant to strong acid, oil resistance and solvent resistance is also very poor. It can only some polar solvent resistance, whereas in nonpolar solvents. Natural rubber processing performance, as a result of natural rubber, high relative molecular therefore can easily for molding, extrusion, molding, etc.
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