The problems existing in the domestic electronic industry scale

by:Desing      2020-03-27
Electronic scale as a rising star, has been widely accepted by people. As you continuously, the development of the electronic scale has been qualitative improvement. In spite of this, the domestic industry development of electronic scales didn't reach the expected effect. So, today we're going to find out the problems existing in the domestic electronic industry scale. Let everyone on the road to the development of the electronic scales have a really understand. The problems existing in the domestic electronic industry scale, along with the advance of domestic science and technology, as a technology intensive, multidisciplinary cross electronic scale industry gets rapid development, electronic scales, the talent training mechanism and the continuous improvement of the training mode, the electronic scale industries are starting from scratch, has experienced the prosperity and development of era, the domestic electronic industry scale ranging from design, manufacturing to research and development has reached a considerable size and strength of each link, the level of domestic electronic scale product has reached 70% ~ 80%, from the market analysis in recent years, the import of electronic scale rate reduced year by year, exports increased year by year, shows that the domestic electronic industry scale is at a new stage of rapid development. Although the overall strength of domestic electronic industry scale, but there are still a big gap compared with advanced countries. Electronic scale in accuracy and good products abroad is still a gap, the domestic electronic scale lack of innovation in new product development, new technology reserve insufficiency, new achievements and new technology industrialization rate is relatively low, electronic scale domestic enterprises in the aspect of innovation mechanism still has a lot of need to improve, design, manufacturing and research and development aspects of electronic scale integration is still a long way to go, not only should the state formulates relevant policies to support, scientific research personnel of perseverance and hard work is needed. Although the domestic electronic industry huge market scale, product variety, but small batch, high value-added electronic scale products is still mainly rely on imports, domestic electronic industry scale is small scale enterprises, advanced products, low levels of repetitive construction and production is common, low level of competition is particularly fierce, materials and manufacturing development level is not high. Domestic electronic scale enterprise development investment insufficient, the low class product of repeat production problem is very outstanding, lack of effective guidance, which leads to unfair competition in the market order, and therefore also limits the development of the electronic scale industry. In conclusion, the country must invest a lot of manpower, financial and material resources to develop electronic scale industry a lot of talents, the development of new technology, to master the core technology in the field of electronic scales, so that domestic manufactured by electronic scale production country to strong! In this paper, by the Shanghai heng electronic scale small make up finishing just instrument co. , LTD. , thank you all for the support and trust, partners also like to read this article: electronic scales weighing sensor installation considerations!
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