The purpose of the milking machine cleaning and importance

by:Desing      2020-03-24
Milking machine equipment, direct contact with milk it became important control link, the health conditions of use as the change of environmental temperature may produce in bacteria, affects the quality of the milk, so be milking equipment for cleaning. The main purpose of the milking machine cleaning is to remove devices can contact with the milk of the milk of the sediments. If you don't wash, on the one hand, milk quality will not improve, on the other hand will have negative effect on late milking. Milking equipment cleaning is mainly to control microorganism, including clean up after milking residual material and kill microbes, this request should be washed immediately after milking. After milking machine cleaning milk by eliminating residual liquid milk and some dried milk film, prevent bacterial planting and breeding in the equipment. Cleaning is mainly flush residual milk, but for cleaning system difficult to milk membrane cleaning. Residue in milk fat and protein is a good substrate for bacterial growth, if the residual milk contains bacteria, will cause the bacteria multiply rapidly. Some ranch water hardness is high, the water of calcium, magnesium, plasma can be formed with milk milk stone, these milk stone not only can be attached on the inner surface of the milking machine, can also be a large amount of microbial colonization attached; When certain conditions are suitable, although the surface of the eye view is clean, can also find some microbes can form a layer made of biofilm, and the formation of the biofilm is one of the threat of milking machine cleaning. Milking machine cleaning includes not only the inside of the milking machine cleaning, including milking machine external cleaning, and milking bench, milking machine and milking parlour surrounding environment clean. Milking parlour health is one of the important link of management of milking parlour, is also the premise of quality assurance in milk. Anyhow milking machine after each use must be the work of cleaning the accordingly, not only can ensure the quality of the milk, but also for the equipment is also a kind of better maintenance method.
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