The racecourse fence how to choose?

by:Desing      2020-03-29
In the racecourse, the most traditional is wooden fence, wood, or template match. Usually use fir, but the wooden fence is made of safe hidden trouble, when the wood or wood fracture, the fractures of burr may bring harm to horse. Some horses like to chew the wood, and it may damage the wooden fence. On the market and there's a racecourse fence conductive barrier, this is actually a psychological barrier to animals, because the trapped animal is not because of the high fence have much more strong, but because they fear that without injury of electric shock caused by the pain. But the fence is not suitable for a small area of the racecourse, is suitable for the temporary hold very Thomas pasture and establish the racecourse fence. Conductive enclosure doesn't fit in more wind and snow, wind and ice will make these lines become loose, pendulous. Where a lot of trees are not suitable for this kind of fence, because the branches can make conductive wire short circuit. So in the use of this racecourse fences, need regular inspection to ensure their normal work. Conductive line usually in other locations at the fence, in order to prevent the horse close to the fence. Now the racecourse fences have begun to use new materials as a horse farm fence, such as my company design of PVC material horse farm fence, widely used at home and abroad. PVC material made of horse farm fence, low maintenance cost, and is very strong, through the reasonable allocate, made of PVC material racecourse fences, durability is very high, not easy fade, resistance to high temperature and low temperature resistance, installation is convenient, the horse have the effect of protection.
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