The racecourse guardrail delivery standards

by:Desing      2020-04-01
Every horse farm fence strict rules of delivery specification according to the macro beautiful new building materials, don't pass any defective product, each root profile is a complex process that after more than 20, more than 20 inspection items to your customers. The development of new products is to stop the tensile and bending experiments, steel plate and steel belt should take transverse specimens, low elongation, horse farm fence in longitudinal section profile sample. When the demand side has asked to stop cold bending experiments of 4 steel, cold bending racetrack barrier test qualified, tensile strength limit can not be delivery specification, impact energy value according to a set of three sample single value arithmetic of uniform calculation, allowing one sample single value is lower than the racecourse guardrail rules, but shall not be lower than the racecourse rules fence below 70. 1, zinc steel guardrail technology: using no welding cohesion, namely cross. Absolute traditional iron guardrail, swift device, surface racetrack fence is beautiful. 2, zinc steel guardrail racetrack guardrail six layers of base material by the horse fence, discrimination is: racetrack (of the fence 1) Steel layer ( Basesteel) : base material, hardness value is 159 DPN; ( 2) Zinc alloy steel layer ( Zetalayer) : close to the base material layer of dense alloy layer, complicated structure, strong corrosion resistance, with FeZn7 and FeZn13 chemical combination exists, hardness value is 211 DPN, containing 7% Fe - 11%; ( 3) The lead layer ( Deltalayer) : clear monoclinic columnar structure, Fe content is 6%, non-toxic, corrosion resistance, hardness value is 179 DPN; ( 4) Pure zinc layer ( Etalayer) : sparse hexagonal system, deformation processing is not easy to break, zinc purity of 98. 5%, the hardness value is 70 DPN; ( 5) High zinc phosphate layer: has good corrosion resistance, and strengthen the coating and substrate adhesion; Each batch racecourse guardrail inspection items, sampling quantity, sampling method and experiment measures all fit country rules, obey the quality, don't let go of any a bad harm the interests of customers, focused on build national brand racecourse guardrail.
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