The racecourse guardrail how should choose?

by:Desing      2020-04-01
Article we just say to the racetrack how location, then choose the right address, we should consider the selection of construction sites used in the field equipment problems, which include guardrails, stable ah, ah, walk a horse machine used and equestrian slalom equestrian obstacles, etc. Today let's talk about how to choose the racecourse guardrail, barrier option is an important guarantee of horses and people's life and health, so you should be careful when choosing guardrail manufacturer again carefully. The most traditional fence is the wooden fence - - - - - - - Logs or horse farm fence board is tie-in. Usually working circle fence are using fir, two pieces of 25 cm width of the board and set-up circle fence at least 10 cm in diameter piles together. When the wood or wood fracture, the fractures of burr might bring harm to horses. Some horses like to chew the wood, and it may damage the wooden fence. Wooden fence need frequent PVC racecourse guardrail repair to prolong the service life of it. So this kind of wooden fence is not recommended for use in the racecourse. Conducting a fence is a kind of 'psychological barriers', because the trapped animals not PVC racecourse guardrail because more high solid fence, but rather fear track fences after each touch that animals without hurt the pain caused by the current. But this kind of conductive barrier is not suitable for a small area of the racecourse, or you just need to build a temporary fence racecourse, conductive racecourse fence fence fence for that can accommodate many track horse racecourse. Conductive bars are not suitable for where the more wind and snow, because the snow will make these lines panasonic. Also is not fit for more trees in the place, because trees is easy to let the line short circuit. This fence needs regular inspection to ensure their normal work, the joint of conductive line usually there will be other fence, in order to prevent the horse near the fence. Some areas are not allowed to use electric fence, when a fence so be sure to investigate the local policy. The racecourse in this fence is really not wise, unless it is for the horse customised wire fence. Now some design mesh fences designed to ensure the safety of the horse, to prevent some infectious disease of close to the horses. The size of the grid at least not let water chestnut kick in. 20 - grid openings 25 centimeters, or a grid line elasticity is larger, no matter pass or electricity is a great potential safety hazard for the horse, horse or small PONY is likely to be entangled, the line is cut, sometimes even fatalities. Many people put the fence installed at the edge of the horse is not so easy to contact, but for smaller farms, wire fence occur frequently not forecast of the danger.
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