The racecourse guardrail with PVC material?

by:Desing      2020-04-01
PVC guardrail guardrail model steel guardrail racecourse fence PVC racetrack having a unique style, which line is fluent, color rich, flexible material, in the event of collision, people, cars damage level is light, guardrail is easy to repair. Compared to the traditional horse farm fence, more decorative effect. Size can be tailor-made according to user needs processing! 1, this product is a secret formula plastic fence looks fresh not old, at the age of free maintenance, four times than wood tenacity, more flexible racetrack fence and impact resistant; 2, as people life level of the racecourse guardrail progress, to know the racecourse guardrail gradually enhanced, the living environment of the traditional plastic, wooden fence and racecourse commodities such as iron fence, aging, decay, rust, demand the racecourse fence a small amount of manpower and material resources and financial resources to maintain, bring racetrack fence to property developers and property management enterprises a lot of trouble, have gradually eliminated by the market racetrack fence. 3, personalized design makes the equipment more comfort and convenience, but also reduce the engineering cost, with excellent toughness and solid temperature in - use 30 to 90 degrees Celsius, can provide international prestige requirements of testing institutions, will not pollute the environment, can provide prestige report. Advantages: no need for paint and maintenance, long old not new goods, exempt from you maintenance of hardship and trouble, low comprehensive capital. Installation: installation convenient, use the patent of bearing type joining or proprietary parts for installation, greatly enhance the efficiency of the installation. Style: there are two kinds of style, style of of primitive simplicity is stingy, strong function, can maintain the horse from the impact and damage. Environmental protection, safety, environmental protection, the people ( Livestock) Harmful, fit the international environmental protection standard, more outstanding quality. Quality: the product adopts special formula, and utility uv absorber, not faded, not yellow, not peeling, no crack, no blister, no bug eat by moth, utilizing life can reach more than 15 years. Is a farewell. American PVC horse farm fence is suitable for villas, garden, park, swimming pool, the racecourse, etc.
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