The racecourse, what kind of fence around a racetrack, guardrail is best?

by:Desing      2020-04-01
No one gate, fence is completely safe and guard against theft, but we still can according to the different environment and situation. The traditional gate is a wooden - — Log may be board mix ( There is also a composite board) 。 Usually use fir, two pieces of 25 cm width of board with at least 10 cm in diameter piles together. When the wood or wood craze cracking of burr might bring the horse injury. Some horses like to chew the wood, and it may damage the batten door. Batten door needs frequent repair replacement to extend the service life of it. Conductive horse gate, the racecourse guardrail is a kind of 'psychological barriers' effect, because of the trapped animals is not as gate are more consolidated, but because they are afraid that no injury of electric shock caused by the pain, Will frighten ass) 。 But the gate was not appropriate, a small area of the racecourse, perhaps only needs to build a temporary gate the racecourse, but those right can contain many horse ranch. Conductive gate is not applicable in the area of snow, because the wind and ice will make these lines become loose, pendulous. Many local trees were also not appropriate to the gate, because the branches will let the conductive line short circuit. The gate needs regular check to ensure its normal work. Conductive line is often used in other kinds of gate of cohesion, to avoid the horse near the gate. Some areas are not allowed to use electric gate, so before set electric gate need to check the local policy. PVC pipe gate prevalent in many areas, where the pipe is easy to find and is not expensive. Pipe gate have lower maintenance costs and consolidating. Interface is sharp and high hardness is pipe gate two primary defects. Pipe gate not easy also stood in too wet may swamp environment. There are many kinds of turnstiles for horse gate design and production of vinyl chloride and plastic. Plastic gate imitation wood color, paint don't demand, cost with wood. The gate looks beautiful and relatively safer.
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