The reasonable maintenance of milking equipment

by:Desing      2020-04-03
The progress of The Times, the use of large quantities of the milking equipment, if improper use milking equipment, maintenance is not good, it will shorten the service life of losses to the user. Here small make up to introduce some reasonable milking equipment maintenance knowledge: 1, don't to do the milking equipment in the sun exposure. The sun insolates milking equipment, make the rubber parts and plastic parts easily aging, deformation, shorten service life. 2, maintain the cleanness of milking equipment, to avoid in the dust of the environment. Because dust will increase milking equipment wear and tear. 3, not below zero centigrade milk under the condition of low temperature storage devices. After milking, should remove pulsator, put it in a warm, dry place. 4, in general, milking equipment need to clean up the air filter, don't need to often open cleaning. Ventilation type pulsator do not soak in the water cleaning, may cause the vacuum line into the water, then influence the milking equipment normal operation. Finally, small make up remind everybody, if milking equipment malfunction, at the time of maintenance is conformist, gave birth to the theory of moving things, must be combined with local actual situation at that time, open thinking, step by step analysis, ruled out one by one, until you find the real cause of the problem.
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