The rider's heart why so strong?

by:Desing      2020-04-01
Sociologists and plant behaviorists are discussion of a topic: the horse is how to influence people's life. Discussion remind: life have horses, can you improve adolescent life skills. The research found that the horse is a mentor to teenagers. After learning equestrian complex linear regression analysis, promote life skills progress 25% of teenagers. The discussion by Penn state milk plant superstition school and called '4 - H 'of American teenagers equestrian committee, the American quarter horse pony club youth association, the United States, as well as the national middle school in western combination will work together to complete. The discussion object covers more than 450000 teenagers. Discussion consequences let the parents feel, such as one parent said: 'my daughter met at home doing the housework even reluctant to lift fingers, but can the whole morning full head big sweat, busy cleaning the stable back and forth. 'In addition to the life skill, teenagers can also ride a horse and take care of the horses body quality in the process of progress. The racecourse is a positive and healthy social networking sites, gains more care of the child every day. Nursing activities include: ma as the horse brush, pick stumbles, stable cleaning steps enclosures, horses feed and water, in front of the horse and nursing after riding horses and so on. 。 。 These activities can further to get the kids to the body stronger, gradually cultivate children 'responsibility' of all things. If a child lives in the city of equestrian equipment rarely have the opportunity to participate in dressage enclosures such health practice of physiological activity, even add children school sports team also not necessarily can get such a racecourse equipment temper. Children come here, not only dance fence can develop their physical and mind, still can find a mentor. Contribute to succeed as riders, and the demand for the equestrian equipment body training, determination and perseverance, the older the rider, have good coach experience is the child's racecourse equipment model. Equestrian centre in at a young age can enjoy leisurely and comfortable, learn the excellent quality, let the children more can do a good job in dressage fence ready, to meet the future battle of life. Early in the equestrian centre, often coaches and staff will be with you to watch horse stables, training venues, and hospital, habits of the horse, captive care, training, and even to the medical treatment will be introduced to you, make you a better view and understanding of equestrian sport, this way of life. And work together, to help teenagers to expand the precious positive living skill, these skills to the children's daily life. The sport and care of horses were made of the physical requirements. Horseback riding is a simple, have certain requirements of fitness sport, the rider can harmony after the movement development to temper, sense of balance, the precision can, muscle strength, endurance, sensitivity, can promote the posture and cardiovascular health, these are especially important. Horse riding, and horses, all have obvious positive effect to people. In practice, by trauma, spend some time with horses, their thoughts and physical well-being have obvious role in promoting. Medicine and some international organizations are using similarly effect brought by the horse, the RDA, for example, using equestrian to help their patients. Using the horse to help heal, application of horse of activities to do physical healing, professional words. That's the so-called equestrian rehabilitation. Know the acceptance, temperament is more away from the closed space, thought more ankang children and horse set up peer relations of mental development, after many years still can make them. For example, the rider must quickly and invalid instructions to the horse, and giving the horse determination, horse abilities to understand and complete. Set up the communication process, not only needs the rider focuses on my horse, but also in many aspects such as vision, touch, hearing are involved. Absolute to have skills to complete a obligation to guide my horse brought about by the fun, such a sense of accomplishment is far beyond the electronic products bring the children of tumblers. Equestrian bring children self-esteem and self-confidence. Nursing horse, let the child and plant set up lasting emotional connection, foster care skills. And horses to finish every day to help children develop the sense of responsibility, empathy and pity heart; These qualities can help children to establish and maintain relationships with others. Faster learning to let children have more ideas, thoughts, communication ability is stronger, better planning purposes and the ability to deal with the problem. Also riding coaches will further emphasize riding measures for the safe and effective way of and learning solutions. Whether your child have any way in the future career direction positioning, better planning purposes and do not have the ability to handle problems that can make them more competitive. Equestrian sport in many countries the most noble sport, in China also is such. Often children in horse riding family economy is relatively wide, usually on horseback riding the space time met children from the same family will be there. There, the children share their equestrian fun at the same time, can support each other in the school interior to a group of friends, set up to maintain a lifelong friendship. Moreover, but also for their life in the future open a window along the way. Equestrian, is movement, also is the life! Horse, is an animal, and is also a companion! Understand it, you will love it! It can give you bring profound influence on our life! ! ! ! ! ! ! Will give you life bring different change!
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