The role of electrical insulation board

by:Desing      2020-04-08
Enclosed bus duct ( Or bus duct, Is by the metal plate ( Steel or aluminum) To protect the shell, conductive row, busbar system composed of insulation materials and related accessories. It can be made into every some distance with splice junction box of the enclosed bus plug type, also can be made into feed without cable box type enclosed bus bar in the middle. In power supply system of high-rise buildings, power and lighting circuit often set apart, bus duct as power supply main in electrical shaft vertical installed along the wall a trip or visit. According to use a trip bus duct by signalling commonly bus duct, direct bus duct ( Two points with jack and jack) And the vertical (L Level) Curved generatrix, Z type vertical ( Level) Offset bus, vertical (T Level) Tee busbar, X type vertical ( Level) Four-way busbar, transfiguration bus duct, expansion bus duct, terminal head, junction box, plug terminal box, bus duct related accessories and fastening device, etc. Bus duct type according to insulation methods can be divided into air splicing bus duct, dense insulation plug bus duct and high-strength splice bus duct. According to its structure and USES are divided into dense insulation, insulation, air, additional air insulation, fireproof, resin and sliding contact type bus duct insulation; According to the shell material is divided into steel shell, aluminum alloy enclosure and steel aluminum shell bus duct.
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