The rules of field jumping

by:Desing      2020-03-27
The rules of ground obstacles, mistakes and penalty rules & # 8226; The referee group made up of international league referees and officials, their duty is to check the track and judge competition. • The bell is event during the director inform riders start, pause and continue, eliminated the only instructions or other information. • Disorder frame lateral of fixed above the red bar and white flag represents the rider the way forward. Riders can dance fence every obstacles in the right direction is a white flag in the left column, red flag on the right side. • Obstacles include the type of dance enclosures vertical obstacles obstacles/single bar, stretch/double crossbar dressage fence barriers, obstacles to three crossbar, water barrier, etc. Among them, the combination of barriers into obstacles equestrian double and triple obstacles. Mistakes and penalty & # 8226; Touch a barrier, four points. ( Barrier, equestrian obstacles one or more root barrier bar fall into touch, only four points penalty dressage fence) • Have one or a few horseshoe step into the water barrier or step on the slat, four points. • If at first you don't obey ( Refuse to jump, escape, etc. ) And four points. • The second time don't obey ( Refused to jump) And eliminated. • The horse fell ( Horses shoulder or contact with the ground displacement after) Or a horse rider. • No change from route, eliminated. • In the first round, second round, and the dispute between the play-off, exceed the permitted time, hit one of every four seconds, Less than four seconds to 4 seconds) 。 • In a dispute between the play-off, exceed the permitted time, every second for a minute, Less than one second in seconds) 。 Ground obstacles professional term & # 8226; Zero penalty: in the round, the rider without any mistakes. • Penalty: the rider errors in the process of punishment. Allow such as touch fall barrier pole, beyond contest will be penalized. • Play-offs: if two or more riders in two rounds of the game tied for first grade, they will go into play-offs. • Refuse to jump: when the horse must be stopped before jumping obstacles, to refuse to jump, will be penalized. • Obstacle: combination composed of two or three obstacles obstacles, every obstacles up to the distance between two horses stride. Barrier type & # 8226; Vertical obstacle/single rail barrier: the barrier bar, long wooden board consisting of a vertical plane. • Stretching obstacles/double rail barrier: consists of two vertical barriers constitute a barrier. • Parallel/square double rail barrier: before and after the two rail obstacle barrier bar at the same height. • Three crossbar obstacle: three horizontal wooden constitute trapezoidal barrier. • Brick wall barriers: a obstacle to look like a brick wall, using light materials, the upper lever play bricks easy to fall off. • Combination: commonly composed of two or three obstacles obstacles group, every obstacles up to the distance between two horses stride, divided into two types, disorders of double and triple. • Water barrier: size larger rectangle pool barrier. • Liverpool: set in the vertical barriers or obstacles stretch at the bottom of the rectangle pool.
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