The running speed of the portable milking machine adjustment

by:Desing      2020-04-03
- - - - - - 0 - Portable milking machine how to adjust the rotation speed of ordinary we demand in using portable milking machine time after working environment and the working condition of equipment stop proper adjustment, in order to assure the quality problem of the output of milk, so after a certain time of use, we need for it to stop debugging, then is how to stop the adjustment in detail? As follows, nanny goat milking equipment of electromagnetic power manipulation, is all the changes of equipment of no-load speed, speed regulation is high efficiency energy saving control of motor speed. , reduce the speed device, speed universal expression for ambition no-load speed and droop, all due to power control principle of speed regulation method. , loss power control, increase the droop of portable milking machine, speed is low efficiency and energy dissipation type speed control. , frequency control of motor speed, this method is the most scientific, and its speed control, methods and performance and speed regulating mechanism of contact closely in together, refers to the clarity of portable milking machine speed development direction. Portable milking machine must pay attention to in the process of stop adjustment according to practical condition to stop adjustment, in accordance with the rules of procedure steps, after adjustment of it we can more easily found that the efficiency of the equipment at work not only greater ascension, but also guarantee the quality of the milk.
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