The sheep fence was forcibly demolished just after it was built! Sheep farmer: 'It's not easy for us to raise sheep to make money!'

by:Desing      2021-03-22
Recently, a sheep farm built against the wind in Songluo Township was forcibly demolished. The illegal construction area was about 240 square meters, which not only contained the momentum of 'two violations

   The 'two violations' building that was demolished this time is located in the back gate mountain of Songluo Village, Songluo Township. It is a sheep farm built by villager Zheng Mouwang and covers an area of u200bu200bmore than 420 square meters, of which the building area is about 240 square meters. Meter.

   On October 5, Zheng Mouwang occupied woodland without the approval of relevant departments and built a sheep farm with a steel frame structure.

   Zheng Jinfeng, deputy director of the city’s Urban Management Bureau, together with the Songluo Township Secretary, the mayor’s organization of urban management, natural resources, and public security staff walked along the rugged mountain road for 30 minutes to reach the illegal construction site and found the sheep farm The steel frame pillars and iron tiles have been built, the site is full of construction materials, and some sheep pens have just been built.

   The demolition violated the scene, Zheng Mouwang said disapprovingly: 'My sheepfold is built on a hillside, which neither affects traffic nor the environment.'

   'I thought this ravine is in the valley, and the relevant departments can't find it. Please take care of it!'

   'Besides, it is not easy for us to raise sheep to make money! If you tear down the sheep pen, I will lose a lot...'

   Jin Fenggang, head of Songluo Urban Management and Law Enforcement Squadron, patiently persuaded:

   'Any construction needs to be approved in accordance with the law. Your temporary construction violates the urban and rural planning, and the government has the right to demolish it in accordance with the law.'

   'Rural settlements are being rectified everywhere, and beautiful villages are being built. We should take this opportunity to build Songluo Village into a better place! We must not engage in illegal construction that destroys the ecological environment!'

   'If you cooperate with the demolition, some building materials have recycling value, so you can minimize the loss!'

  Moving with affection, knowing with reason, the person involved, Zheng Mouwang, said that the remaining iron sheet and steel frame pillars were removed in place. The urban management department stated: In order to further improve the rural living environment and promote the coordinated development of urban and rural areas, we will severely crack down on the 'two violations' of environmental damage and pollution, and effectively enhance the happiness and sense of gain of the farmers. Currently, this has been listed as a key monitoring object.

   The original title of the article: A sheep farm in Songluo Township was forcibly demolished!
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