The sheep must be supplementary feeding in winter

by:Desing      2020-12-02
Sheep are grazing all year round, but once in winter forage dry, nutritional value decreased significantly, relying on grazing sheep rearing, eat straw, no matter from the quantity or quality is difficult to meet the need of nutrition. At the same time, the weather was cold, sheep body heat can be lost, the most nutritional deficiencies, sheep lamb growth retardation, body emaciated, low survival rate, growth of young sheep and sheep low productivity in adults. In order to change this situation, do a good job BaoBiao, spuc, the most effective way, is the winter for supplementary feeding sheep. Supplementary feeding forage feed before winter comes, should reserve a certain number of forage grass and fodder, general requirements of 300 ~ 500 kg per sheep stocking hay, concentrate 100 ~ 150 kg. Supplementary feeding time since November, until the second year in early may. Winter feed sheep concentrate with soybean, bean cake, corn, barley, wheat bran, rice bran, etc. Concentrate to crush, bean cake bubble to open a feed. Mixed concentrate of 30% ~ 40% of high quality hay meal, can improve the utilization of straw, help digestion, absorption, but also save the feed. Silage corn stalk, carrots, forage sweet element is also good winter feed sheep feed. Winter supplementary feeding the sheep such good juicy feed, can supply the sheep with sugar and vitamins, increase the amount of lactation ewes. Especially pregnant ewe supplementary feeding early, middle and late three times, and the concentrate, silage, and straw respectively at the same time in the morning, noon and night feeding, which facilitates the absorption of nutrients and use. Supplementary feeding amount and method of adult sheep, generally at about 50 kilograms of sheep, must supplementary feeding 1 per head. 5 ~ 2 kg of hay. Supplementary feeding methods: sheep grazing back after supplementary feeding, supply concentrate and chopped root feed, evenly mixed together, then add salt, stone powder, and first in feeder, then feed the sheep into the circle. Pregnant ewes day per 1 supplementary feeding hay per day. 5 kg, silage 1. 5 kg, concentrate 0. 5 kg. Nursing ewes every only supplementary feeding concentrate 0. 5 to 0. 1 7 kg, hay. 0 to 1. 5 kg, succulent feed 20 kilograms. In addition, the urea can be used as supplementary nitrogen additive in winter forage protein deficiency, best with sugar feed mixed feeding, feeding amount, each daily average 6 ~ 8 g advisable, do not feed, to prevent poisoning. If you think this net reprint content involved, the author of a work, please contact us as soon as possible. Telephone: information.

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