The significance of rubber kraal mat sulfide

by:Desing      2020-04-10
Is vulcanized rubber kraal mat production at the end of the procedure, during the process of rubber kraal mat the macro characteristics, micro structure has changed. For rubber kraal pad required the use of physical and mechanical properties and the corresponding performance. In short stall MATS must go through the vast majority of rubber vulcanization process can become qualified products finally. Of course, there are very few do not need vulcanized rubber products, such as rubber putty, etc. Kraal mat the vulcanization process of rubber is in a certain temperature, time, pressure and complete, the conditions of these conditions are called vulcanization conditions or the three elements of sulfide. A, the meaning of sulfide 1. Theory is sulfide which refers to the crosslinking degree to achieve the highest state of sulfide, usually by rheometer test, then the corresponding analysis of the shear modulus is the largest. The comprehensive physical and mechanical properties of vulcanized rubber indicators are relatively high level. 2. Process is hydrophobic refers to achieve maximum crosslinking density of 90% when the degree of cure, because considering the specimens or products after leaving sulfide heat source there is a hot allowance, to complete the rest of the crosslinking. Corresponding vulcanization time expressed in T90, for a simpler shape, thickness in under 6 mm products of the vulcanization time can choose the T90. 3. Engineering is sulfide which is for vulcanized rubber kraal pad, it needs according to the theory is to determine sulphide. Rubber kraal cushion structure range is very wide, have a plenty of structure simple, thin pure glue; Have a plenty of thick and complex containing skeleton material, etc. Less than 6 mm thickness thin products can adopt the theory of vulcanization curve determine its curing time; Thick, especially like more complex products, to determine the curing time is not so simple. Since rubber is a poor conductor of heat, the rubber kraal mat sulfide inner and outer heating speed ( With heating curves characterization) Different; Skeleton materials combined to make thermal situation is more complicated. So you need to define a comprehensive balance state of sulfide, namely the parts to make whole products ( Of the various components including the micro volume unit) Specimens are in the rubber vulcanization curve theory is sulfide, flat areas, is in the vulcanization curve minimum degree of cure (flat area Effect) And the greatest degree ( Effect) The time range. In this way, can think the whole engineering is vulcanized rubber kraal mat, the corresponding time is engineering are vulcanization time
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