The skill of milking machine accessories checking

by:Desing      2020-04-15
For milking machine accessories inspection is very important, it relates to the quality and quantity of milk, the small make up to you to introduce the skill of milking machine accessories checking, hope will help you! 1, milking machine accessories rubber parts leak: rubber parts have any wear and tear or leakage should be replaced; 2, vacuum pump oil, vacuum pump oil should always keep within the scope of the requirements; 3, the vacuum meter reading: set of cups before and after the sets of cups, vacuum gauge reading should be the same. Gather the cup set of vacuum will drop slightly, but 5 seconds should rise to the in situ; Milking machine accessories 4, milking machine parts between the milk cup lining/cup of anhydrous: milk cup between lining and cup if have water or milk, and that is lined with a damaged, shall be replaced; 5, set milk into the hole cleaning: if set milk into the pores clogging and the milk will not be able to get rid of a collection of milk. This can lead to cup, and damage the breast. Read after small make up for the skill of milking machine accessories checking, solve your difficulty? If you have what not understand place, please contact us, you are welcome to call at any time, we will have special staff to answer your question for you, until you satisfied. Next article: milking machine parts on the structure of an article: how to use milking machine accessories
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