The speed of the milking machine

by:Desing      2020-03-22
With the update of modern processing machines, the use of the milking machine has been greatly solve the disadvantages of artificial milk, its extensive use of industry market, quickly occupied the milk for you more attention to the milking machine speed control problem, we asked a professional chef explain for everybody. 1, milking machine electromagnetic power control is the key; 2, loss power control, increase of milking machine speed; 3, reduce the speed of milking machine, speed universal expression for the difference between the ideal no-load rotation speed and droop, all speed regulation method due to power control principle; 4, frequency control of motor speed, this method is scientific, the milking machine speed control method and performance with the speed regulating mechanism closely linked together. Above milking machine speed control to a few bigger hope can help to everyone when operating, the appropriate speed to adapt to the production environment, let the cattle milk more comfortable smoothly, believe that your work will be more smoothly, welcome to consult relevant problems.
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