The stable design standards

by:Desing      2020-03-31
A, the stable design must first understand the physiological characteristics of horse, is like driving in the grasp of the steering wheel, according to the characteristics of the horse for the corresponding Settings, such as the design of the stable is very exquisite. Is the horse stable living environment, in order to suit the horses physiological needs for the principle, on the basis of economic, practical, strong. The stable to dry and ventilated daylighting is good, maintain appropriate temperature and humidity, water supply and drainage facilities. Second, the type of the stable horse breeding delicate management, therefore, is more stable single feeding, close breeding is stable. Enclosed the stable can be cold in the north, can prevent solar radiation in the south. It is the most suitable temperature of 6 - 12℃。 Separate area for different horses form stable but can small, under normal circumstances, the body of a meter five horses, keep in 8 - single area 9 square meters, more than a meter five horses, should provide the stable 12 square metre. The stable ground: the ground of the stable is very important, non-slip, moisture-proof, durable. Usually adopt cement floor, strong, durable and economic, convenient and easy to health disinfection, epidemic prevention, etc. The size of the stable doors and Windows, doors and Windows, high and low and ventilated daylighting is directly related to the stable. The size of the window should area with the ground with a certain proportion, general with 1:10 for good, high Windows in 1. 5 - 1. 8 meters. High gate 2. 5 meters, the width of 1. 2 meters. Fixtures, fixtures in the stable including feeder, feeding grass, sink. Feeder should be at the door of the Angle. Feeder and sink should be separate, sink generally use bucket, bucket stents can be fixed to the wall, to prevent the horse stumbled. Used to feed the grass to feed the horses grass, feeder, feeding grass, bucket frame does not have edges and corners on the shape of the design requirements, so as not to cause harm to the horse.
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