The stable FT - H02R round horse farm fence

by:Desing      2020-03-28
英国《金融时报》, H02R round horse farm fence, column diameter 160 mm, 84 horizontal pipe diameter. 5 mm, this racecourse fence is much stronger than the average horse farm fence, more beautiful, more durable, rainy days rain dripping on this fence automatic slide, not water, time grew more doesn't grow moss, the most important thing is that, in order not to let the horse teeth chew fence, after all that stylist of company of research and development to design this circular racecourse (of the fence 英国《金融时报》, H02R) , the horse can't bite won't go to chew a fence fence surface, to avoid the possibility of a fence being horse bit bad! ! ! 英国《金融时报》, Paragraph H02R circular racecourse fence is your best choice!
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