The stable matters needing attention

by:Desing      2020-03-30
Stable is a place where horses normal rest and eat, also can show the racecourse specification level is important one annulus. There are many need to pay attention to things in the stable, although small, but far-reaching. In this issue to bring us warm prompt: stable attention to matters. 1 indoor and outdoor trash and debris are there should be no don't need. They are neither tasteful, easy to move the mouse, can cause fire or help the spread of fire, can also lead to unexpected injury, or falling down a horse. So be sure to pay attention to adhere to the stable clean. '2 to prevent food poisoning, horse stables around both animals, trees should be nontoxic to the horse. Please professional veterinarians to distinguish the stable plants that are toxic for the horse, in order to avoid the unexpected. All 3 in stable outside the door to hang up the 'stop smoking' sign. And put out the cigarette sand barrels at the door. 'Stop smoking' sign should also be placed in the break room, the bathroom, and other prominent central. 4 correct type and type of fire extinguishers should be placed on each outside door, corridor at both ends, as well as the main distribution box full, should understand fire escape. 5 every stable should have a first aid kit for people and against the first aid kit. Stock at any time with the emergency number. 6 in the stables outside door and indoor unit tested, can support maximum visibility lighting equipment. Power supply circuit and switch should be encase, waterproof switch, and horses are not exposed. Stable construction to have the lightning rod and pick up. 7 the porch and corridor there should be no obstructions may sharp objects such as metal products. The height of the ceiling should be 8 - 12 feet ( 2. 4 - 3. 7 meters) , the frame should be not less than eight feet ( 2. 4 meters) , width should be no shorter than 4 feet ( 1. 2 meters) 。 In order to avoid forming any damage. 8 the horse must be hard to close the window, the window to install the rail may screen, safe glass. 9 the stable and wall should be lubrication and no protrusions, want to have enough space to prevent the horse's back is stuck, the stable door should have a safety latch. 10 water should have to pick up, in order to prevent any electric shock. Feed bucket and bucket should be lubricated, clean, be placed in a safe, highly suitable for the central, so that the horse will not be trapped. 11 ground should be easy to clean, can give the horse traction, especially for fitting shoes. ( Note: special rough ground can lead to abnormal wear and tear, abrasion muscle soreness, water chestnut)
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