The structure of the domestic mainstream 2016 Qingdao exhibition with exercise

by:Desing      2020-04-04
Machinery technology co. , LTD. , for the sake of customers, provide 2016 Qingdao exhibition effective solutions, welcome you to visit the website and learn more about 2016 Qingdao exhibition related topics, to understand the structure of the domestic mainstream 2016 Qingdao exhibition with exercise requirements, please contact:. Reading this is packard hewlett, I want to say is the new concept of chaos management. This is Tom Peter in the 'to advocate the management method in disorder' in the book of prosperity. Advocated by some big companies management practices and intervention should be the more the better. The method is completely different. Over the years, people have long believed that the manager is the owner of the company, is the company's decision. Many managers believe that orders, autocratic work has allure very much, they want to feel superior, the employee should be obedient to them or ear and reconciliation, so that it can be seen as a President. They don't realize their shortsightedness, because this kind of management method can only play the role of temporary, this will eventually lead to anger. One day, a good executives was surprised to see that they not only failed to win, but for their own tree many enemies, his subordinates will betray him. When executives took the opportunity to control the new method of employee behavior, in all operating companies, his staff is one thousand ways, fight, ready to put his despotic rule. The 'management and control' mode will also create a political environment, is too far away. In this environment, the power of the disputes, labor disputes, such as high pressure phenomena are very common. This will not only bring bad consequences, the company will eventually weaken the strength of the company, the company cannot achieve the purpose of service to users, and even the phenomenon of excessive control. For example, to market products, this is the easiest thing to by all levels of the signature, multilateral negotiations, an agreement has been approved. Because of the complexity of the organization, do a simple job whirlpool unconsciously become involved in politics. Many people think: the management of the large enterprises to establish a large organization to implement management, that is: the larger the enterprise, the more administrative agency should, in this way can enterprises development. But that is not the case, even a small business, management, under the intervention of the outcomes so bad, but worse. But packard hewlett company experience tells us that regulators can do this, and flexibility. In order to better explain the two management modes of different consequences, or let us see how HP more than Numbers, become the second-largest computer company! Thriving computer manufacturers in the 1970 s, after 15 years of ups and downs and difficult, but you can put the corner. Not threatened with closure and bankruptcy and the enterprise market losses, only packard hewlett family. A total of 4 pages: the 1234 - page on the next page this news source: http://www. shandongjinaiji。 com/news/20。 aspx
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