The structure of the milking machine accessories

by:Desing      2020-04-15
With the development of animal husbandry, high-tech products began to replace the traditional manual operation, including milking machine accessories is the modern animal husbandry and the necessary equipment. To increase our knowledge, the following detailed introduction milking machine accessories structure: 1, the frame: from cattle cattle cangue, shored up cangue racks, pipe column, measuring bottle etc, frame to determine the main structure device; 2, vacuum system, including water ring vacuum pump unit, voltage separation tank, vacuum pressure regulator, vacuum gauge, vacuum tube, safety device, etc. ; 3, pulse system: pulse system control milk cup pulse frequency and pulse rate, ensure cows at peace in a state of milk; Milking machine accessories 4, set milk system: including milk cup group, milk, milk pot, etc; 5, automatic milk output system: by the electric cabinet. Liquid level sensor, breast pump, check valve, milk and milk filter, etc; 6, milk metering system: by measuring the bottle. Stents, rubber hose, put milk put milk milk switch box plastic pipe, etc; 7, clear system: by the sink, control switch, cleaning, etc. Above is milking machine accessories structure in detail, and hopes to be helpful for your work.
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