The three stages of looped set-up

by:Desing      2020-03-30
1, training horses first to make the right stretch, extending from the nose to back constantly, until the sky. The horse must be relaxed and natural to use all of the joints, stretching, like it looking for grass. Encouraging horses with extended its neck, so it can be used under the muscle, thereby enhancing the back, the waist and abdominal muscles. Sensitive back, by the abdominal muscles to support demand, forward a muscle that is from the bottom of the abdomen. Using sabang to encourage the horse to stretch, especially there are too much lower horses neck muscles and cannot pass back the abdominal muscles, activities to promote joints. Wear sabang about such horses are especially good. 2, when the horse can be looped relax, stretch, then should inspire horses are working with the appearance of a round, in order to reach this purpose, the horse must learn arched back, and can be applied nimbly, elastic. It must establish on the basis of the emphasis has been placed on the fence extension work. Hind legs deep step and an arched neck from jain section, make items of the highest point of the body, the head and vertical air. In order to make the horse inherit the armature, the horses need to know when looped, establish good rein contact, ensure the horses from the physical and ready by riding on the body. Side rein to jian-li ma a stable connection to work, is Thomas can rein to study application of elastic side rely on armature, especially if the back of the horse is not relaxed, not fully learn to stretch. 3, when the horse can stretch, and look to work with a circle, set-up work can go to with the dual emphasis has been placed on the rope. Double set-up rope looped, first foreign rein through the back, and help you to improve your sense of connection, the feeling of getting contact. You can like the horse riding on the ground using the REINS, encouraging deep tread on foreign rein, ma, rein in soft. The contraction of the waist, can carry out into transformation, but half of the contraction, elongation, and prance preparation. The use of double rein, can allow the front of the horse naturally raised, right rear narrowed, accordingly to ensure the bearing neck forward, adhere to the department to be high, after given the REINS, at frequent intervals to allow the horse can forward, down the stretch, the sky is the limit. If appear to escape armature, horse will interfere with the horses back muscle exercise. Emphasis has been placed on the horse, whether the new horse, or set-up is mature, should be able to flex and extend.
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