The toughness of the vulcanized rubber can improve the insulation kraal pad

by:Desing      2020-04-14
Insulating rubber kraal pad consists of the main raw material is made from rubber. Put the rubber as the material of insulation board because rubber has the superior properties of other materials cannot match. First rubber latex rubber trees and other plants, is the source of rubber elastic became as a choice for insulating rubber kraal pad first reason, good flexibility to insulation rubber kraal mat on floor, and other process is not easy to fracture, and has good stretching resistance and extendability. Vulcanized rubber products processing is one of the main technological process, under the condition of heating or irradiation, the raw rubber and rubber vulcanizing machine produces chemical reaction, make the rubber by the linear structure of the macromolecular crosslinking three-dimensional reticular structure of large molecules, which can lead to physical and mechanical properties, and other rubber performance is improved, the process become sulfide, along with the development of science and technology and production, vulcanizing machine and high temperature is no longer necessary for sulfide, some rubber at low temperatures, even at room temperature wine can undertake sulfide, some available physical methods, such as rubber rubber crosslinking with y rays without curing agent, so the generalized definition of sulfide is that under certain conditions, the process of rubber linear macromolecules into mesh structure. After vulcanization of rubber, some performance will also change. Natural rubber, for example, with the improvement of degree of cure, mechanical properties will change. Elasticity, breaking strength, tensile modulus, tear strength, hardness increases, but the elongation, compression set, heat production can reduce fatigue; The change of physical properties, ventilation rate, lower permeable rate cannot be dissolved, only swelling to improve heat resistance; Chemical stability change, also significantly increased. Actually said to reason, is nothing but high chemical activity groups or crosslinking reaction atoms exist, to the aging reaction. Mesh structure hinders the diffusion of low molecular cause rubber aging free radical is difficult to spread.
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