【 The truth. Margarine is really equal to trans fatty acids?

by:Desing      2021-02-04
Often hear someone say, margarine mainly come from extraction of edible oil processing, containing more fat, particularly trans fatty acids. If a large number of intake of trans fatty acids, can affect the person's memory. For teenagers, can also affect the development of the central nervous system. And long-term excessive accumulation of trans fatty acids, can also induce asthma, cancer, diabetes and other serious diseases. Intake of trans fatty acids really exist health risks? Recently, China food rumours that union joint baked food sugar products industry association in China openly about the rumor. Food rumour buster statement: margarine, hydrogenated vegetable oils such as baking food raw material is not the same as trans fats, and trans fatty acids in obesity and diabetes has not been determined. Beijing industry and commerce university says yan-ping cao, a professor at the institute of food, along with the progress of the technology, the trans fatty acid content of oils and fats has fallen to a very low level, if need be, food producers can completely remove the trans fatty acids; However, doing that may affect the taste of the food. According to section letter daney, deputy director of food and nutrition information exchange center is introduced, in addition to the processed food, trans fatty acids are widely exists in natural foods, such as red meat, fat, milk, according to a 2013 national food safety risk assessment center 'level of Chinese residents' dietary intake of trans fatty acids and its risk assessment report, China's per capita daily intake of trans fatty acids is 0. 39 g, power than 0. 16%, well below the world health organization recommends value ( Less than 1%) , also significantly lower than other countries and regions. However, in order to control the intake of trans fatty acids, food rumour buster advice, when consumer is buying packaged food to pay more attention to the nutrition ingredient of labels on the table, can choose does not contain harmful trans fatty acids and trans fatty acid content lower food, especially infant food, should choose do not contain trans fats. In addition, to control the vegetable oil usage in the process of cooking, don't to avoid trans fatty acids and a large number of intake of animal fat, at the same time, to avoid the oil temperature is too high and Fried cooked over and over again.
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