The type of milking equipment

by:Desing      2020-04-04
There are fixed type and movable milking equipment. Stationary and bucket type, between pipeline and milking type 3 kinds. Pail is milking machine milking equipment and portable milk together, fit directly into the pail of milk, apply to ShuanYang cowshed. Pipeline milking equipment will be packed under through the pipeline to the milk, the milk can reduce pollution and reduce labor intensity, is suitable for the 300 or so of medium-sized dairy ShuanYang cowshed. Type between milking equipment is to make the cow along within a prescribed channel between order into milk milk, squeeze the milk into the milk, the equipment utilization rate is higher. Milking period, also a feed grain feed device, is suitable for the large scatter around 500 head grille breeding dairy farms. Portable milking equipment milking machine and vacuum devices installed on the car or portable milking stage, suitable for pasture on milk.
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