The use of milking machine accessories vacuum suction cups

by:Desing      2020-03-23
Effective combination of multiple parts when milking machine accessories, everyone must understand accessories when in use of the use and using parameters, below I introduce the use of these related skills. You can reference. If milking machine vacuum, long-term storage, so as to prevent the hydraulic cylinder piston rod, rust should be placed on working device; Machine wash and dry store in dry indoor environment; Such as the limited conditions can only be in outdoor storage, should be the machine parked in drainage good cement ground; Each part of the deposit before fill up fuel tank, lubrication, replacement of hydraulic oil and engine oil, the hydraulic cylinder piston rod exposed surface coated with a thin layer of butter, remove the battery negative terminal blocks, or remove the battery stored separately. According to the low temperature in the cooling water to add the right proportion of antifreeze; Start the engine once a month and milking machine operation, so that each component of a lubrication spring hanger for battery charging at the same time. Milking machine vacuum, walking oil pump for bidirectional variable plunger pump, and at the same time driving vibration wheel and left and right wheels of the bidirectional variable motor. Twisted walking speed selector switch can choose roller speed range, walk every speed range can manipulate rod to realize stepless speed regulation. Go pull rod is forward and backward the reversing device joystick, milking machine vacuum, can smoothly change driving direction, control is very convenient. The use of the milking machine for dairy farmers are quite familiar with the matter, you don't understand in operation we can contact the related technical personnel for everybody, everybody feel free to order.
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