The use of rubber kraal pad direction

by:Desing      2020-04-15
Rubber you know for certain, but what is the rubber kraal mat? Rubber kraal mat is actually to pressure after vulcanization of rubber material with the thickness of the sheet products. The usefulness of it so much? I think it is caused by rubber kraal cushion some of the traits. Rubber products consumption is indispensable to the development of industry, in industrial buildings, with rubber sheet cladding, can reduce a lot of noise, but also improve the service life of machine and spare parts. Waterproof rubber kraal pad material is close-grained, not breathable characteristics also used on the window, made article density plastic window, it can effectively prevent the rain of air leak leakage. In order to meet the needs of different users, in order to meet the needs of different enterprises and life, rubber kraal mat produced with different colors such as black, grey, green, blue. Today kraal again to separate the insulation rubber stall MATS, rubber oil resistant rubber kraal mat, fluorine, silicon special rubber kraal mat, acid and alkali resistant rubber kraal pad, anti-static, conductive rubber, kraal mat, non-slip rubber kraal mat, custom all kinds of material of rubber kraal mat is mainly due to a variety of industries due to work needs. Rubber stall MATS wide range of USES, industry development is rapid, is a kind of all walks of life are indispensable resource materials.
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