The use of single and double pump power distribution box of matters

by:Desing      2020-04-07
Walter machinery technology co. , LTD. Zibo gold concentrate on the single and double pump power distribution box and effective solutions, visit the web site to understand single and double pump power distribution box related content, understand the use of single and double pump power distribution box of matters, more consultation: please. Many enterprises at the university of reading 1 forget the direction of the objective function is not clear, some corporate universities luxurious hardware environment and dozens of acres of land, tell us that our products just because university is blind, as we found it difficult to Chinese corporate universities from the point of building design and development strategy are the relationship between corporate universities and build core competitive advantages? Many Chinese companies even argue that the university is the function to expand training center, training role and have significant differences. 2 light software upgrade hardware construction in shenzhen university enterprise covers an area of 600 acres of modern teaching facilities, but open course introduces from soup to nuts, you will find a list of courses is common on the market of general management skills training courses, personalized shadow completely invisible to the enterprise. A lot of money for infrastructure construction, and ignored the ascension of the course system, training of teachers training, training methods, such as innovative ways, promote the development of the basic problems of corporate universities. 3 edition in the MBA teaching system, and the lack of specific training system with pertinence is two stages in the development of enterprises must go through university in China. Targeted is the method to solve the problem, the system solved the problem of the system in the future. China's corporate university ( College) Due to the development of the first wave, ten years ago the university ten years ago, the fundamental reason for this situation is to cultivate the students' education workers ', but now the enterprise university curriculum system is the replica of the MBA programme based on the corporate personality, lack of expression characteristics, not to mention the 'success' on the basis of cultivation of talents. Lack of training needs assessment, 4 patients become automatic on-demand Carla determine the hall from the university of pharmaceutical enterprise, customers will be broadcast what what. To point out here is that the training purpose is to solve the problem, solve the problem to be targeted, the analysis of problems existed in the objective, need according to the characteristics of the training objects are analyzed, and then pulled out a feasible solution, rather than pills. 5 training benefit more people because of the objective analysis and demand level of managers lack training problem of idea is wrong, the company regularly training program can take care of all the employees or more audience, theoretically analyze the location of the different position the required behavior, knowledge, ability, skills, attitudes, driving a considerable difference, if more people from the aspects of curriculum design and teaching training of interest is often a lack of targeted training to adapt to the objective need. Secondly, every job needs to be advanced training course system, the 'big dial coaxial', don't respect the objective demand of enterprise university training, often want to. To corporate universities lack of 6 enterprise strategic target, the function of university should be a interpreter learning needs analysis and evaluation, personnel training system design, training, curriculum design, training, service monitoring, evaluation, learning organization, driven by a growing number of corporate universities to take the role of service process ( Under the teacher's title) And other function obviously missing. Above is Chinese enterprise university short-lived, a simple analysis, the author in a short, strategy is not clear, the lack of personalized software, hardware, training system, cleaning system, as the objective demand and function is lost, therefore, Chinese enterprises still have a long way to go, staff training and development problem is a lack of respect. This news source: http://www. shandongjinaiji。 com/news/32。 aspx
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