The use of the racecourse guardrail and its characteristics

by:Desing      2020-04-01
Hangzhou every Thai suye co. , LTD is a professional committed to the racecourse fence company, located in hangzhou linan, with advanced technology, perfect service! I enterprise main products: PVC racecourse guardrail, model steel guardrail, the racecourse fences, racetrack fences, dressage fences, facilities, etc. PVC racetrack guardrail, having a unique style that line is fluent, color is rich, flexible material, in the event of collision, people, cars damage level is light, guardrail repair racetrack guardrail is simple. Compared to the traditional horse farm fence, more decorative effect. PVC racetrack fence using range: resort, racetrack, underground parking lot, etc. 1, new appearance is often not old, at the age of free maintenance, four times than wood racecourse barrier tenacity, more flexible and plastic horse farm fence shock; 2, as people life level of racetrack guardrail progress and enhancement of the understanding of the living environment gradually, the traditional plastic, wooden and iron fence products, such as aging, decay, rust, needs a small amount of manpower and material resources and financial resources to the racecourse guardrail maintenance, to real estate developers and property management plastic racecourse guardrail enterprise to bring a lot of trouble, have a racetrack fence gradually eliminated by the market. 3, features, design make the equipment more comfortable and convenient, and reduce the capital, the whole project with excellent toughness and solid temperature in - use 30 to 90 degrees Celsius, can provide the requirement of testing institutions, not purify the environment. The racecourse barrier is used in human and horse play a guiding role in training and the captive required goods. The racecourse guardrail is often used for Ma Shuchang, racetrack, training, horse breeding base and so on.
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