The working principle of the vacuum pump milking machine

by:Desing      2020-04-11
Milking machine system consists of vacuum pump and milking machine of two parts. The former mainly includes the vacuum pump, motor, vacuum tank, vacuum regulator, vacuum pressure gauge, etc. ; The latter by the milking stools, beating ( Or pulsator) , collection of milk, milk cup, and some tube and rubber tube. Each vice milking machine, milking machine includes 8 ~ 10 foot for 100 ~ 120 milk cow. New pipeline milking machine, no milking stools, milk from the milk cup by milking machine, directly by the pipeline shed milk storage tank, and outside completely cut off; And can according to automatically adjust the milk cup milk flow of vacuum pressure, squeeze net can fall off automatically, after not & other; Put the empty & throughout; 。 Milk cans made of stainless steel storage tank for interlining, there a coil, through 20 with freon refrigerant, such as tank with electric mixer, two temperature can make the milk quickly to 2 ~ 3 ℃. Milking equipment is the heart of the vacuum pump, vacuum pump vacuum through work, connected to a vacuum pump is a vacuum drum, the above link is milk and washing line and trachea tube, pipe into the milking parlour after every line is vacuum, finally, the frequency of the pulsator milking.
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