The world's first racecourse in China, you know?

by:Desing      2020-03-28
Shandan army horse ranch is located in the middle of hexi corridor, qilian mountain grassland at the northern foot of LengLong ridge Malaysia camp, across qinghai provinces, adjacent to the three cities ( State) Six counties with a total area of 329. 540000 acres. After the break-up of the Soviet river racecourse, the world's first - The location of the. In 121 BC by a title of generals in ancient times the general huo qubing in the western han dynasty, and 2130 years ago, is also the oldest single organization in the world today. Shandan army horse ranch since September 1949, since the building of the field for nearly 50 years has been belong to army management, is our country and even the army of Asia's largest breeding base. On September 10, 2001, shandan army horse ranch overall transfer shall China ( Group) The head office management. Shandan army horse ranch flat, spread, summer grass, a piece of golden yellow, winter is horse breeding, growth of plastic racecourse guardrail ideal place. As early as three thousand years ago, there was a horse. Since the western han dynasty, here on the basis of local breeds, and introduced a variety of western a good horse, shandan horses well-known world of hybrid bred, hence become a breeding base of imperial army here, don't cry. Shandan horses trim, stout, forthright fat welding, resistance of forage, good adaptability, both speed and endurance, is for the use of load, multiply 良骥, a total of more than ten thousand horses. Emperor yuan inaugural for two years, a title of generals in ancient times the general huo qubing, will ride, out west gansu, grass land (yan mountain, hanyang Malaysia camp The name of the shandan army horse ranch at the time) , to the western tip of qilian mountain. Beat the entrenched in yan mountain, grassland of the various parts of the xiongnu Malaysian camp, losing the xiongnu clan mournful look back, a historic elegy: & quot; Lost my qilian mountain, I'm not FanXi animals; Loss of a mountain, I make my women without color & quot; 。 Northern wei too toba tao emperor wudi five years, the end of the hexi & quot; Five cool disputes & quot; , destroy the northern yan, makes, west cool regime, unified the north. At this point, the expansion of the Malaysian camp after the prairie, ten years raising horse is as high as 2 million, 100 wanfeng camel, cattle and sheep. Qing jiaqing six years, Malaysia camp grass land 1 breed horses. 80000 horses. Qing daoguang 18 years ( 1938) Has amounted to 20000. To the late qing dynasty, the situation is volatile, main fails, the prairie only horse hundreds of Malaysian camp. Eight years of the republic of China ( 1919). In October, the war department appointed YuKuiWu Malaysian camp horse farm field and belong to the army troops animal husbandry department of jurisdiction. After the war is frequent, the racecourse after several ups and downs, in 18 years of the republic of China ( 1929) Theory of warlords ma pu-ching, par brothers private ranches. Until 29 years of the republic of China ( 1940) To reset the KMT central government management. The tortuous, form the shandan army pasture. Today, shandan army horse ranch landscape. Visitors to Malaysia after the camp, and continue to 50 kilometers east to the army horse ranch to swim, can ride travel, camping, visiting the horse racing or equestrian performances, and the natural scenic spot, there is also the ideal plug film field. Since the wrangler, 'Mongolian root flower', 'princess wencheng', 'wang zhaojun', 'peace', 'red combine' and so on more than 30 after the shot and broadcast TV and movies, shandan horses and army horse ranch are famous, become the important film and television tourism resort.
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