Three-ring clamp factory in our country should strengthen the craft innovation

by:Desing      2020-04-05
Machinery technology co. , LTD. , for the sake of customers, provide three-ring clamp the most authoritative opinions, welcome to visit website, pay more attention to the third ring clamp related content, understand the three-ring clamp factory in our country should strengthen the craft innovation, Tel:. Reading meeting efficiency is not high. So, find out the cause of the inefficient meeting is particularly important. Usually there are seven main factors lead to low efficiency, in view of these factors, should make full preparation before the prevention and management. At the same time, a clear understanding of what is a valid meeting, meeting the specification, it is necessary, only to master these, guide us from the positive to improve the efficiency of the meeting. Common meeting efficiency is not high, the reason and prevention management meeting, efficiency is not high, wang xiao is a company's employees, he the meeting of the company have their own ideas. His thought reflects the present status of many companies, it is worth thinking about. Many companies tend to be inefficient, because the following reasons: the company's executives don't know when is the best time to have a meeting. A number of important arrangement will be arranged on Friday afternoon, or not to be put in a busy Monday. Many managers don't have to consult with their employees, when they will have a meeting. This allows employees in the operation of the constant delay or give up, even in other meetings. And some of the staff to attend the meeting, because with major clients, government officials or has a previous participation, cannot attend, this makes the meeting to discuss the difficult. Now people are often not the most closely related problems, so the preparation is not enough or too late. There is now a very popular word - 'Recently more troublesome, because too much like wang as a workplace, this sentence can be changed to more trouble. ' Why meeting, in the king's words, is 'meeting in the dark, there are even longer time has no meaning, even if there is a resolution, quality is also very low', in short, the meeting efficiency is not high. Therefore, looking for meeting the cause of the inefficiency is particularly important. 2 meeting is the cause of efficiency is not high efficiency is usually caused by the following seven reasons. In the seven reasons, there are three reasons for the meeting of the Achilles' heel, need to be vigilant. Three reasons are: the host technique, meeting place and meeting preparation. Eight characteristics of high efficiency and low efficiency of meeting is relatively effective, efficient meeting, the low efficiency of fully overcome various unfavorable factors. Efficient meeting has eight major characteristics. A total of three pages: the 123 - page on the next page this news source: http://www. shandongjinaiji。 com/news/21。 aspx
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